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Being a motorcyclist is as fun as it is exhausting, but most of us bikers always get carried away in the “fun”. We often forget the most important details about always sporting a helmet and riding safely. Here are 5 things a motorcyclist should never do.

Leave without telling anyone where you’re going
Thinking about getting injured and stranded is no more appealing than actually getting injured and stranded, but it’s best to be prepared.

Fail to put on your gear
It’s only fair that you put on your helmet and gloves before you leave. Bikers often forget these things and then carry on with the rest of the day without a helmet! This is dangerous as it compromises your safety.

Ride in the right lane
The right lane is restricted for fast moving cars, as per the rules of traffic. Bikers in Pakistan tend to drive in the right lanes, swiftly switching to bus lanes and more, which can cause accidents.

Switch lanes
Often bikers switch lanes in a hurry, without checking for what’s there and what’s not. A car, bus, might overlook a bike who’s switching so quickly. Don’t forget to give indicators when due.

Forget to have fun
You love riding for the freedom, individuality, and the “me” time, yet you usually ride with your club, dressed exactly the same and on a similar bike. So no matter how busy life gets, don’t forget that bike time is YOUR time. So have fun!

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