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With the all new YB125Z finally launched, let’s get a good look at the bike! The new YB125Z has so much to offer to its target customers. As it is a new bike, it comes with new and improved features that will leave the customers flabbergasted.


Advanced Technology

One of these main features is the electric starter, this helps in starting the engine swiftly and smoothly. It has a source of a powerful 6 Amp battery that drives the starter motor. Another advanced feature is the muffler, with a crisp exhaust note and sense of pulse, producing a sound you’ll simply love. It also has a robust front fork, which is especially designed to protect the fork oil seals against a lot of kicked up rocks so the bike itself stays safe. Even the shape has been magnified into a diamond type frame that has excellent strength and rigidity.


No matter what the bike may be like, comfort is the main necessity of any customer and that is exactly what the new YB125Z is offering to you. Let’s kick off from the seat! Its new seat is wider and prevents the passenger’s knees from having any contact with the rider that may distract them. This also means at least you and your partner can comfortably sit together. The engine balancer reduces vibrations felt in the handlebars, seat and foot pegs, which means less fatigue for the rider. Last but not least is the rear suspension, a twin-shock type which adjustable across five levels. It ensures a comfortable ride even when going over things such as speed bumps.



With a comfy ride comes another obstacle, what makes this specific bike convenient for any rider? First of all, you should look at the all-new 35-W multi-reflector halogen headlight with beautiful illumination quality. Next, there’s an instrument cluster with a gear-position indicator. This new bike also has a low-loss 125cc SOHC engine, which is an engine born after thorough development efforts in the areas of intake efficiency, combustion efficiency, and reduction of horsepower loss. Lastly, it also has a CV carburetor for rider-friendly throttle response and good fuel efficiency.

5 Responses to “A Detailed Look At YB125Z’s New Features”

  1. Muhammad Salman

    Dear Yamaha,

    I have yamaha yb12z i am using this variant since last 4 months the plastics parts using in this bike is very poor in quality their paint quality is so poor. i am very disappointed for this because its leaves its paint from day by day.

  2. Awais Nawaz

    I am using Yamaha Yb125z from one month . the fuel average is 50 km per litter . on this bike i am feel very comfortable . i feel it is overweight .the weight of this bike should be 102 kg Maximum .i feel some local problem like engine mudguard , safeguard , back carrier , and back footpath is not adjust easily . otherwise is ok .

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