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For those of us who don’t know what a travelogue means, it is a series of events happening while travelling made to take a physical shape; i.e. a book or a documentary. We have compiled a list of the five most famous travelogues, which will definitely inspire you to go on long-distance travels on your bike!



Into the Wild

Into the wild is probably the most critically acclaimed travelogue ever written. Turning it into a film was what bought it all the fame it deserved as a book. Initially written down as a 9,000 word article titled “Death of an Innocent”, it was later changed by the author Jon Krakauer. The book describes the journey of a young man who, although content with his lifestyle, is looking for change. The man then gives up his college fund and travels the country.


New Europe

New Europe was written by Michael Palin as a supporting document for his BBC documentary Michael Palin’s New Europe, which later took form of a travelogue and is famous worldwide. In his Travelogue, Palin describes seven of his most memorable trips across all of Europe and mentions the countries too. The central idea of the book are the citizens of each country, describing how they feel about the place they live in and what they expect of it in the near future.


Pole to Pole

Another masterpiece by Palin is Pole to Pole, written in 1992 about his adventures in the North Pole. This book was also a supporting document for Palin’s BBC television documentary. In this travelogue, Palin describes his journey to every continent and ocean and the impact those places had on him.


Bill Bryson’s African Diary

The African Diary by the bestselling author Bill Bryson is his adventure through Africa. He describes the Kenyan culture in great detail. Their habits, traditions, politics and how they live in a poverty stricken environment that we’re all so well aware of. Bryson’s book gives us a closer look into the situation in Africa in the year 2002.


Blue Latitudes: Boldly Going Where Captain Hook Has Gone Before

Blue Latitudes or Into the Blue: Boldly going where Captain Hook has gone before, is a travel book by Tony Horwitz, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. Following the footsteps of his mentor; an explorer by the name of James Cook, Horwitz tells us about his journey through Australia, New Zealand, England, and some parts of North America. He also talks about taking Cook’s traveling legacy forward.

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