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Yamaha Motor Pakistan introduced the sport gear shifting functions. One of the most challenging aspects of learning to ride a motorcycle is how to shift gears. Start by being familiar with the clutch, throttle and gear shifter. The clutch is located in front of the left-hand grip. It is responsible for transferring torque from the engine to the transmission. The throttle is located on the right-hand grip. Rolling on the throttle increases the engine revolutions per minute (RPM) to prevent the engine from stalling.

The following methods can help you get started.

Method 1: Shift into first gear

Start by closing the throttle then pull the clutch inwards all the way. At the same time, move the gear shift into the first gear by pushing downwards on the shifter. Then, slowly apply throttle while releasing the clutch gentle until the motorcycle starts to roll slowly. After this point, start increasing throttle input and release the clutch all the way.

Method 2: Shift into higher gears

Use the same process of shifting into first gear. Throttle the engine and push the gear shift upwards with your toe. Pushing it with one click will move it to the second gear, giving it another gear will move it to the third, fourth and fifth gear.

Method 3: Downshift into lower gears

To get into position, close the throttle as you squeeze the clutch. Press down on the gear shift then release it. Adjust the clutch and throttle together to match the speed that you are currently travelling. When you are coming to a stop, keep the throttle closed, hold in the clutch and continue to press and release the shifter until you are back to first gear.

Never forget to press the clutch and throttle before changing gear, as the engine of the motorcycle and driver could be harmed due to speed or bad riders.

The mechanics of shifting gears on a motorcycle is as easy as these three methods but doing smoothly requires a great deal of practice. Know your control inside and out, and get a feel of how they function. Practice riding in an environment like an abandon parking lot to avoid traffic and other distractions.

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