Precautions for Bikers During the Foggy Weather This Winter | Yamaha Motor Pakistan

Winters are coming, which means there will be plenty of fog outside. Taking your bike out on the road during such foggy conditions can be really dangerous. To make sure you enjoy the chill weather while staying safe, here are a few precautions to keep in mind while going out on your YBR.

Don’t Forget to Wear Your Helmet

In case of accidents, things can really get worst if you are not wearing your helmet. As such, don’t forget to wear it while also putting on other essentials such as your jacket and gloves, etc.

Know the Right Time to Ride

Before you hit the road, and during your trip, check weather forecasts and road reports. Also, only go out on the road if it’s really necessary in these conditions. Do not gamble by going on an unnecessary ride.

Ride at a Moderate Speed

While on the road, it is recommended that you ride at a moderate pace. Fog can be quite thick, thus you might elect to wait until the mist lifts before going on forward. Riding in fog at night is even more difficult due to the decreased visibility.

Counter Visual Loss with Halogen Headlight

Speaking of visibility during foggy weather, you can increase visibility thanks to the Halogen Headlight in the YBR. This headlight allows you to react to a potential threat well in advance. This sort of assistance is more than needed in foggy conditions when traction is limited from the cold roads. Moreover, Halogen headlight works best for fog as it clears the path as smooth as no other light can.

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