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Sixty-three percent of all accidents that take place in Karachi are due to reckless bike riding. We all want be like Tom Cruise on the roads and speeds are carried out under controlled and by trained individuals, not on the roads which are open and a free-for-all. What if we tell you, you can meet a lot of other bikers, sailing in the same boat, or rather bike as you?

Being one of the biggest motorbike manufacturers around the world, YAMAHA has always catered to the need for safety awareness among its consumers. Every Independence day, the media is full of news that shows how one biker or the other lost their life while performing stunts out of excitement. August 14th is indeed a day to celebrate, hence we bring you a royal bikers’ convoy, celebrating freedom, the YAMAHA way!

Join the YAMAHA convoy on 14th August at University Autos 3 pm, Karachi and learn all there is about safety riding, riding in groups, bikes, the mechanism, and living a biker life!

Some riding tips that we will be talking about are:
• Wearing a helmet, ALWAYS
• Keeping a safe distance
• Following traffic rules
• Avoiding blind spots
• Wearing the appropriate riding gears
• And knowing the use of both brakes

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    Assalam o Alaikum,
    Sir can you tell me the exact price of the helmet?


  2. nasser

    Aoa Dear, plz let me know the other options of Radial Tubeless tyres to give sporty n strong looks of YBR 125 G

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