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Helmets are a necessity which is why motorcycle companies are still working so hard to come out with the best protective gear that will save your life. A must have accessory; here’s a brief history on the evolution of your protective headgear i.e. the helmet.

Gottlieb Daimler and the First Ever Helmet

The very first helmet that was invented was by Gottlieb Daimler who also invented the first motorcycle. Although at that time his helmet wasn’t all that perfect as the helmets we have nowadays, it still provided enough protection. Made from leather with fur lining, it looked like a cap but was good enough for the 1920’s.

The Death That Sparked the Urgency for Protective Headgear

In 1935, T.E Lawrence (popularly known as the Lawrence of Arabia) died from a motorcycle crash which lead to the invention of a far more pronounced looking headgear that would protect your head at all times. Hugh Cairns, through his writings, was the first man to shed light upon the accidents caused by the absence of helmets in 1941.

The Helmet Revolution of the 1950’s

The 1950’s proved to be the era for motorcycle inventions. Harley Davidson began production of their high speed motorcycles which would need proper headgear. The invention of these high speed motorcycles proved to be fatal without helmets which were deemed necessary after several crashes.

The Turning Point in Helmet History

C.F. Lombard’s invention of the helmet in 1953, specially designed for high-speed motorbiking was the turning point in the evolution of helmets. Thanks to his helmet which was made out of two tough shells and an absorbent inner, a lot of lives were saved. Eventually, in 1954, Roy Ritcher developed the Bell 500 helmet.

1960’s: When the Big Players Joined In

During the 1960’s, companies affiliated with motorcycle brands started to come up with their own helmets. Snell memorial, after losing Pete Snell to a horrible crash, paid tribute to him by inventing a helmet.
Later on, rules and laws were written down about safe riding. The United States of America and Australia put up laws regarding the safety of riding bikes on the highway. This led to 1971, where Bell developed the first full face helmet, which was later made compulsory to wear.

As one can understand from the illustrious history of the helmet, it is the most necessary part of any motorcyclist’s journey. Besides, it’s also a cool fashion statement, just like Eric Bana states:

“I look my best when I take my helmet off after a long motorcycle ride. I have a glow and a bit of helmet hair.”

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