Which Type of Braking Is Suitable for Bikers? | Yamaha Motor Pakistan

You’re going full speed and suddenly the signal light turns red and bam! Tires screech and there’s smoke everywhere, sure it looks uber cool but people around you are going to give you the stink eye for creating a huge scene and you’ll feel a little embarrassed. First couple of rules you learn when practicing to ride a bike are how to use your brakes properly and at what speed. Doing doughnuts and screeching tires are never encouraged but your safety is, so read up. Here are three ways you can put your brakes to proper use.

Front Brake

The correct braking technique of all is using your front brakes to stop your motorcycle. If for instance you’re going at 50 km/hr, this would be the safest of all since this technique uses the force between the front wheel and the ground to stop your bike at a point. Although it is slow and the brakes need to be pulled as hard as they can be, this is the safest way to use your brakes.

Rear Brake

The rear brake is located near the pedals of your motorcycle. They can be found just a little under the pedals and are there to stop the back wheel from moving. Most of the times when you’re moving at a faster speed than 60 km, this technique can be used although it isn’t encouraged because it produces a lock wheel situation which in turn puts all the weight on the back wheel.

Front and Rear Brake

In case of an emergency, bikers are supposed to use this technique. This allows you to make a stop immediately if you’re going too fast and there’s a crossing ahead or the signal has turned red. Through this technique, both your brakes will work together and your grip has to be kryptonian strong on it or you will end up skidding and in casualty. Practice this braking type several times before you actually need it.

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