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Is there anything cooler than the Scorpion applique jacket of Driver? We think not. Ryan Gosling channels a deadly, violent and yet cool air as he gets sucked into the no-mercy world of the mob. There is tragedy as he attempts a chance at a normal life by trying to save the girl next door but we know that this is not how it will end.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day


If the mere mention of Terminator 2: Judgment Day does not have the song “Bad to the Bone” playing in your mind then did you even hasta la vista bro? Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stolen bike makes for the most bad-ass mugging of all time. But more than that is the attitude worn by the T2000 as he dons a stolen jacket and makes it own. BRB going to rewatch that scene right now.

Mad Max: Fury Road

mad max

Let’s be real. Mad Max is the ultimate biker movie. That scene with Valhalla’s gang as they branch out to chase Imperator Furiosa and the fugitives is one of the greatest scenes in human memory. Just notice the guy with the guitars that spit fire. Max’s jacket wears all the fatigue of a man caught in a crazy time. Don’t try the stunts at home but then again you can always take a round on your Yamaha to let off some steam.

Top Gun

top gun

Tom Cruise owned the look of Maverick with his smooth talking charm, that million-dollar smile and of course the military jacket with the applique patches. We can ride into the danger zone anytime with that jacket that is for sure.

Tron: Legacy


What is better than futuristic neon bikes? Bike jackets that light up, of course. Thrumming to the fantastic soundtrack by Daft Punk, the fashions of Tron: Legacy are so forward they make the bikes take a seat back. Play “The Game Has Changed” and tell us that it does not make you want to glide on your bike, rebel-style.

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