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Bikers rule the roads like they’re literally everywhere. Here’s some information we’ve gathered on the different types of bikers found speeding on the roads across the country.

The Daredevils
Well, the name says it all. The ones who’re always willing to disobey the laws of physics and carelessly pulling different stunts in the middle of a road full of traffic moving along all the while making it look effortless.

The MotoGP Fanboys
The speed-lovers obsessed with bike racing. They’re not actually very celebrated in our society for a number of reasons. They have a habit of overtaking every vehicle moving along them and also consider keeping a speed limit below 80, which is obviously bonkers.

The Mechanics
This category knows every single thing there is to know about a bike and almost always have a solution to every bike-related problem. They love to repair their bikes by themselves and also don’t mind repairing others’.

The Wannabes
The kind who spend an unnecessary amount of money on their bikes and equipment. What’s unusual is that they like spending time washing their bikes rather than riding them. Oh and the consistent rambling that goes on for hours because nobody knows a motorcycle better than these guys!

Bikers for Life
This category rides with passion and likes making friends on the road. They love going on long rides and can survive for days just plain riding endless roads and watching the sunset. Maintenance is secondary but sporting that leather jacket is primary!

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