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We look for the shiniest and the kind of helmet that looks great on us when what we should look for, is the kind that will keep our skull intact and more importantly, our brains safe. Most bikers don’t give headgear the importance it deserves because apparently, riding a motorcycle without a helmet gives them the “real feel” or is “thrilling” but really, is that all the information you have on helmets? Do we even know what’s inside or how they’re made?

Helmet or a Helm is an extremely early invention even before the French Revolution took place! Created by the first tribes when there was war around (a very smart move on their part and we thank them). At that time a helmet’s core was created from iron or any other metal that wouldn’t let anything penetrate through to keep the head safe at all times.

Helmets now are made with synthetic materials and hard plastic combined with other elements to keep your head safe as much as it can. It is highly encouraged that you wear your helmet at all times while being on the road, wearing it while riding your motorcycle is mandatory but even if you’ve stopped at a traffic light or you feel the need to take it off because it has gotten too stuffy, you never know what ill might befall like someone crashing into you or worse; a bird pooping on your head.

The inside of helmets are made of styrofoam and then lined with other materials, and finally a layer on the top is made of shiny plastic.  Different biking categories have different helmet types. For instance, bicycle riders have a lighter helmet since their speed is far less than that of a motorcycle, only if they’re competing in a sport do they have a harder helmet since the speed is increased. Average motorcycles require a helmet with a visor that can easily be taken off. For motorcycles used in sports, the visor cannot be removed and the chin of the helmet is elongated since that sport is brutal and almost always ends up injuring people.

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