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As inflation increases with each passing second, our wallets and our mental peace deflates. We are stuck in a vicious cycle that only brings us relief at the beginning of each month when our bank balances receive a little bump.

A week after that our days are spent eating daal chawal because who can afford to order in burgers and pasta anymore? Only your boss who gets paid the big bucks for handing you work, minutes before the deadline, can. Credit card companies send letters that we pretend are only spam and we’re hoping to find holes in our pockets that can explain where our money went.

Cab services are throwing themselves face first into the capitalist environment, exploiting our lack of public transport that doesn’t involve sweaty bodies and germ-ridden seats. But fear no more! Yamaha has got you covered with its range of motorbikes.

It’s not just a pretty face, rather there are several practical benefits to using Yamaha as well. One of the most potent benefits is the excellent mileage you get which allows you to save on fuel money, and the fact that it is certainly one of the safer bikes in the market.

While you may be forking out money for lawn suits to pacify your mom so she gives the shaadi talk a rest, motorbikes offer you much needed release. Easy on your pocket with the mileage that they come with, Yamaha motorbikes are your savior.

Ride these safely and get from point A to point B without a dent anywhere except in your long and growing list of horrifying expenses. Aneurysms while you wait in long CNG lines and silent sobbing will be things of the past as you make your way around on your shiny, handsome Yamaha.

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  1. Usman AHmed

    Hello, i recently purchased a yamaha 125z and quite satisfied with the bike. Recently, i got to know Yamaha is offering Helmet and Glove to its loyal customer, Would appreciate if you can guide me if i am eligible for the same?

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Usman, the helmet offer has been ended on 28th February 2018.

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