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Take a look at the 8 most important things to do when riding in fog

It’s that exciting time of the year when we unfold our blankets and get those classy-looking jackets ready to rock as we go outside every day. Yes, it’s winter-time and there could be no better time to explore more of the outdoors, now that nature provides cool air conditioning! The coffee, the dry-fruits and of course, a great time with friends and family are some of the things that make us love and look forward to the weather for the few months that the air remains cold.

Although there may be no match to the cool and pleasant feeling we get in our warm clothes while outside during the winter, the cold weather brings a lot of fog along, especially during early morning hours and in the night, too. With fog comes low-visibility; meaning it could be dangerous on the road – not being seen clearly or able to see ahead. Riding a motorcycle in foggy weather can prove to be quite challenging!

There are some extra precautions you need to take when on the road during fog. This means during low-visibility conditions you need to be extra careful on your Motorcycle

Take a look at the 8 most important things to make sure of, where there’s a fog in the air!

>  Avoid fog in the first place!

The first thing is to avoid going out during foggy conditions in the first place. Ride your bike mostly in the day time and make sure to get home before it’s too late.

>  You don’t need speed!

Although, if you find yourself in the fog, don’t let that speedometer hand rise too high! It’s important to stay slow to avoid any mishaps.

>  Lights on the road!

Also, it is advised that you use low-beams during the fog. As crazy as it sounds, your low beams are more efficient than high-beams. High-beams reflect off the fog, reducing your visibility further.

>  Don’t stick to others on the road!

Maintain adequate distance with other vehicles on the road to be extra cautious and to avoid unexpected collisions.

>  Get noticed!

It’s crucial that you try to be as visible as you can, wearing jackets with reflective material and keeping your motorcycle’s indicators or flashers on so you can be easily seen on the road.

>  Left is right!

Keep to the left lane so you don’t find yourself in the way of someone speeding in the middle or fast-track of the road.

>  No such thing as too many jackets!

Cover up well with extra warm clothing and gear, including gloves and a face mask, to protect you from the cold breeze you would experience on your motorcycle while on the road.

>  Your helmet’s visor is clean and transparent!

Make sure to clean your helmet’s visor from time to time. The fog tends to condense on the screen, hampering your visibility even more.

You know what they say – better safe than sorry! Yamaha cares for all its bikers alike and wishes them the best on the road, especially during the wonderful winter-time!

Ride safely, ride Yamaha, and have a great winter!

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