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Looking good while riding a bike is every biker’s fantasy. Although we should never neglect taking precautions, dressing up for the road in the right attire can help with having a safe road experience while looking great.

This winter, we bring you all the glorious tips on how to rock that biker swag in the perfect way while being safe.

Those fingers need care

Protect your hands from the cold and in case of an injury by wearing gloves made out of a resistant material, to keep the cold out and your fingers warm. Fashion and precaution literally go hand in hand.

Keep away the cold winds

Now who doesn’t want to look all tough wearing a leather jacket and riding a bike? We all do! But, this does not mean you should wear one for the sake of looking good. A proper jacket not only protects you from the cold winds but also keeps your body safe in case of any accidents.

Appropriate footwear is necessary

The shoes you wear for your journey on a bike determine your hold on the vehicle and how you ride it. If you wear open toed shoes or sandals while riding, your ride won’t be as smooth as you’d like it to be, and instead, you’ll be busy keeping your feet safe. So wear comfortable shoes with hard soles for a better riding experience.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize

To give yourself a more pronounced look, wear a backpack, satchel, or a watch. The added accessory looks perfect with that biker persona.

Protect your head

The most vital part of a biker’s swag is their helmet. Without that, it just looks careless. Helmet makers have now introduced helmets with an attached collar at the base of your neck to provide extra warmth and protection without you having to wear a muffler. So wear that helmet and wear it properly so when you take it off, it gives off that Hollywood look we all love.

Protect your skin

All of the above will ultimately help you in keeping your skin safe from all the harmful effects the atmosphere brings upon us while we travel. So gear up, look fantastic and have a safe journey!

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