The Most Dangerous Roads To Ride | Yamaha Motor Pakistan

Here are some of the most dangerous roads that present themselves as nightmares to motorcyclists.

Karakoram Highway – Pakistan
The highway that connects Pakistan to China across the Karakoram mountain range is the highest paved road in the world. Unpredictable weather conditions and landslides make it even more dangerous. More than 1,000 Pakistani and Chinese workers have lost their lives since the time it was constructed in 1959.

Road to Fairy Meadows – Pakistan
It’s ironic how fairies have nothing to do with Fairy Meadows since it is one of the most dangerous roads to travel on. It’s an extremely rocky and perilous 10 km stretch of road that leads to ‘Nanga Parbat’. Only accessible in summer and closed in winter due to heavy snow and land sliding, it’s only recommended for people who are serious mountain lovers and have the stomach for a rocky ride.

Guoliang Tunnel Road – China
Guoliang Tunnel is one of the world’s most famous, yet dangerous tunnels to ever exist. It’s a single-lane tunnel which is 15 feet high and 12 feet wide, also known as “The road that does not tolerate mistakes”. One addition to this tunnel is the view from the “windows” which is breath-taking and unforgettable.

Shimla to Manali – India
A 265km long route which connects Shimla and Manali in Himachal Pradesh, India. Mountains on one side of the road and Bias River on the other. It’s filled with hazardous turns which make this the hardest route in India.

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