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Yamaha Day celebrates the birth of Yamaha Motor Corporation – formed on 1st July 1955. Let’s celebrate shared values of prestige, innovation, excitement, emotions and new bonds. So with the same enthusiasm and passion for innovation, this year Yamaha has turned 64!

Enlightening you with Yamaha’s historic moments:

Decade of creation:

The Company broadly highlighted its presence after the launch of the first model YA1 in the motorcycle market by demonstrating high performance, later entering into the world of Grand Prix road race.

Decade of Development:

Ever since the launch of YA1 model, Yamaha continued to produce quality products that highlighted the reliability of Yamaha’s technology and steadily helped the company to evolve.

Decade of innovation:

Yamaha Technical Laboratories played a major role in cultivating the seeds of innovation in motorcycles, powerboats, sailboats, and outboard motors.

Decade of creativity:

Elegant, refined design of the motorcycles and scooters caused a sensation in the market. In 1989, the new JOG was selected for a Good Design Award.

Decade of Revolution:

With Niken twin leaning front wheels, Yamaha introduced a whole new era in motorcycling that took sport motorcycling into new dimensions.

Decade of Success:

Yamaha in the 21st century continues to produce distinctive motorcycles with unique technologies and concepts. The overwhelming pulse drew rave reviews, and the motorcycles succeeded in developing a new segment of enthusiasts. Today, Yamaha Motor is not only a symbol of ingenious success but also shows an amazing amount of consistency.

We look forward to continuing our journey together, it’s been a great year with you all!

Here’s to many more years of passion, style, prestige and adventure, Happy Yamaha Day!

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